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GL2R-12/14/16 Double-colors Rain Boot Molding Machine

Features of this machine

1. PLC controlled,preplasticized by hydraulic motor, driven by full hydraulic pressure,and cycled  automatically.

2. High plastifying capacity,the plastifying temperature can be controlled automatically by preselection.

3. It  adopts  16/20/24  points  measuring  and  the  injection  volume  can  be  chosen  according  to  the  requirements  of  the  moulds  at  each  working  position. 

4. The  function  of  empty  mould  selection  has  been  provided.

5. The  round  table  is  indexed  by  a  frequency  converter  can  be  selected.

6. Scissors mould plate closing  mechanism is adopted, which  linked with  a toggle system operated  by a single  

7. The machine  is  equipped  with  two  time  pressure  injection  system  and  the  cramp  pressing  and  mould closing order selecting  function.

8. The  round  table indexes  smoothly  and  it's  movement  can  easily  be  adjusted.

9. The  round  table  rotation, plasticizing  and  oil  supply  for  the  injection  are controlled  independently.

10. There  are  many  working  positions,  the  time  for  setting  is  long  enough, and  guarantees  the   setting quality  of  shoe  soles. 

The main technical parameters

raw material
Maximum injection capacity cm3

main injector:1590cm3


Electric heating capacity kw 9kw,8kw
temperature control point 4
Screw diameter mm 95mm,65mm
Screw revolution r.p.m 0-140r.p.m
Rated injection pressure MPa 65Mpa
Maximum injection stroke mm 250mm,150mm
Motor Power kw 22kw,11kw
Clamping force mm 2410KN,570KN
Mold size mm L640xW200xH700
Mechanical Dimensions MT L6000xW6200xH2500
Gross weight