2018 China (Dongguan) International Textile and Apparel Industry Technology Exhibition opens on March 27

2018-06-14 17:15:54  點擊數:862

On the morning of March 27th, the 2018 China (Dongguan) International Textile and Apparel Industry Technology Exhibition, South China International Sewing Equipment Exhibition, and China (Dongguan) International Shoes & Shoes Industry Technology Exhibition opened at Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center.



   The scale of this exhibition is 40,000 square meters, with 450 exhibiting companies, mainly from mainland China and Taiwan, Hong Kong and other regions, as well as Japan, Germany, Italy, the United States, Switzerland and other countries, leading industry leaders and leading companies have appeared. In addition, many associated automation equipment, ironing equipment, surface accessories companies will also compete on the same stage.


       Textiles, garments and footwear are traditional labor-intensive industries. How to speed up industrial transformation and upgrading? The various types of smart manufacturing equipment exhibited at this year's exhibition provide more solutions for industrial transformation and upgrading.


       In the past weaving a piece of clothing, we must first weave the sleeves and front and back sheets, and then sew a complete piece of clothing. This exhibition introduced a fully-formed computerized flat knitting machine. As long as one yarn was put in, about half an hour later, one piece of clothing came out and realized fully automated production.


       In addition, it is understood that robots fully automatic materials, handling, sewing, embroidery, sculpture and other "black science and technology," in the production of automation, informatization show, accelerate the conversion of old and new kinetic energy.


       It is worth mentioning that the Internet of Things smart factory has become a major highlight of the industry's attention. After choosing the clothes style and clarifying the individual requirements, the customer only needs to walk into the intelligent fitting room and scan the three-dimensional data of the human body and send it back to the factory for production. The computer design, typesetting, cutting, sewing, decoration and ironing , to achieve personalized customization.


       Technology is changing with each passing day, and innovation is brilliant. This year's show also showcased a number of intelligent production of shoe machines, providing shoe-making enterprises with new equipment for transformation and upgrading. Hou Xin, a local company in Houjie, launched a variety of intelligent shoemaking equipment such as automatic computer cutting machines and automatic punching machines. These equipments can save manpower, increase production accuracy, and improve products. the quality of.


       Lu Xin, director of the Lu Xin shoe machine in Fujian Province, said that at present, it is the world’s first one. It was developed by them. Every time they exhibit, it attracts “foreigners” and “foreigners” like it. It can be used in a machine. Above the table, you can change more than 100 kinds of patterns, any programming, any can be changed in different angles, a machine can save 7-8 people than the traditional (machine).


       In the afternoon, the four-party cooperation representatives of the "2019 Bangladesh International Sewing Equipment Exhibition" signed the contract. Sewing Machinery Association of China, Guangdong Sewing Equipment Association, Xuntong Exhibition Company, Youke International Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and other representatives signed a contract to use the "One Belt and One Road" initiative to expand into emerging markets and expand the world for sewing machinery and equipment in China. new road.