Shoemaking machinery installation, use and requirements

2018-04-16 12:04:22  點擊數:779

First, the shoemaking machinery has the following main features:

1、using vacuum shaping

2、 through the steam sprayer, spray the upper first, then quickly heated and dried. Shaped from a vacuum massage upper.

3、 the temperature settings of various parts can be based on the foot of high heels, different materials, different post-processing temperature control status, with a perfect

streamlined appearance, style of shoes, the best.

4、The use of a closed heat treatment will help stabilize the energy-saving effect of the thermostat, reduce heat loss, and reduce production costs.

5、 through the rotation cycle of transportation, reduce production costs, and in the final salvation.

6、Rotary cycle , conveyor, saves time, improves productivity and product quality stability.

7、 rail-type rolling to the transmission mode, to improve the stability of the machine and the product's life, but also reduce the machine breakage costs.

Second, shoemaking machinery operation requirements

1) When the tool sets a fixed handwheel, it must be relaxed first to establish a contact point switch lever to control the cutting tool to be installed in the switch. Otherwise, no set of actions will be generated.

2) When working, insert the blades as much as possible and place them in the center to avoid unilateral wear of the machine and affect their lives.

3) Cut iron at the position of the slider and add lubricant once a day. To ensure that the committee's decision is smooth.