Ezhou green machinery co.,LTD., was established after the original Hubei ECheng general machinery factory co.,LTD. Is engaged in all kinds of shoe-making machinery design, manufacture,sales and serviceof professional manufacturers. Its main products are: 8,12,16,20,24 single and double color fully automatic rotary injection molding machine, all kinds of single, double, three color plate forming machine, shoes machine, double density rubber molding machine, PU casting and disc machine,and various auxiliary machinery and other professional shoe-making equipment.


Company to science and technology as the guide,adhere to the concept of innovation, technology innovation,design and manufacture of innovative idea. Go the way of production, study and research development, continuously introduce new products andservicesusers,andsociety.Constantlyimprove the level of shoe-making machinery and equipment of science and technology, promote the development of shoe making machinery industry. Company is rated "intellectual property construction demonstration 

enterprise in Hubei province", increasing science and technology competitiveness of the company. Adhere to the "customerneeds, thatis, we need to do "business philosophy,to provide customers with a full range of technical support and after-sales service.


Companies adhering to the "create first-class quality, sets up the service concept, strengthening the scientific management and realize the best benefit "the management idea. We will be quality products, excellent service awaits respectfully you the presence!